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1. Eyepiece/Rubber, Twist up eyecups

Remove the protective caps from the main tube and eyepiece, make sure they are reinserted after every use.


2. Zoom

Rotate teh zoom control to zoom in or out on an object, then use the focus knob to refine the focus. High magnification allows high precision observation


3. Focus wheel, focus ring,

Look into the eyepiece and rotate the focus knob in either direction to focus on an object. Easy focus due to large focus wheel.


4. Optical tube/Main tube clamp/Fastening screw

These spotting scope have a main tube clamp and fastening screw. Turn screw counter-clockwise to undo the main tube clamp. You can turn the entire main tube about its own axis and thus vary the eyepiece position. To fastern the main tube in the desired position turn the fastening screw clockwise.


5. Tripod/Tripod adapter thread

Ideally the spotting scope should be on a tripold of suitable load-bearing capacity (Tripod included). Your spotting scope has a tripod thread to DIN standard. It can therefore be attached to any tripod with a DIN standard thread.


6. Sunshade

Extend the sun shield in strong sunshine affecting visibility. Put your hand around the spotting scope aperture ring and simply push the shield out.

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