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Tikka T3X Aspire

Tikka T3X Aspire


This is a model you guys already know as the Lite Green Fluted Stainless. We have renamed it so that it matches what the NZ guys are calling it and have also finally got a high-res picture available.



·         Green Stock

·         Fluted Stainless barrel

·         Soft Touch Grips

·         Higher-cap magazine as standard

·         Oversize bolt knob

·         Cheek piece

·         Muzzle threaded (14x1 or 15x1 for magnums)

223 1:8 MT 22.4"

223 MT 22.4"

243 MT 22.4"

270Win MT 22.4"

30-06 MT 22.4"

300WM MT 24.3"

308 MT 22.4"

6.5CM MT 22.4"

7mm MT 24.3"

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