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CHAPUIS Orion C140

CHAPUIS Orion C140


$18,200.00 inc.GST

The Artisan C140 is technically identical to the C135 model, however it is fitted with sideplates. It is a lightning-fast woodcock shotgun, with detailed engraving in a tapestry wrap-around fashion and bottomless blueing on barrels.
Hand-sculpted with signed, deep-cut foliage accents and game scene wraparound engraving on both the action sides and bottom. As well as the straight English-style AAAAA luxury select walnut stock, it also has a chequered walnut buttplate with optional pistol grip stock, elongated trigger plate and bordered trigger bow.

Oil finished by hand, with hand-cut ‘gunpowder’ checkering around the entire grip area and comes in Prestige Chapuis Armes gun casing.

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