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CZ 457 American

CZ 457 American


CZ 457 American 17HMR 5rnd 24"
CZ 457 American 22LR 5rnd 24"
CZ 457 American 22WMR 5rnd 24"


CZ 457 – the new paragon of a modern rimfire rifle

When it comes to rimfire rifles, Česká zbrojovka a.s. is traditionally one of the world leaders in the manufacture of these firearms. But our company is more than that – in this field we are also the trendsetters. Following in the footsteps of the famous CZ 452 series and its successor, the CZ 455, a new generation of CZ repeating rimfire rifles will raise the bar for the genre – the CZ 457 family.

The new CZ 457 family is distinguished by its highly sophisticated modular design. In comparison with existing models and rival products, it brings considerable improvements in all key parameters, whether we are talking about user safety, precision or lifetime.

To a greater or lesser extent, the concept of many of the new CZ rimfire rifles returns to the original reason this category of firearms was created in the first place and why they have enjoyed great popularity for such a long time. Rimfire rifles are often sought by owners of hunting rifles, especially for practice, fun or for teaching the younger generation the basics of shooting and hunting. In this respect, the design of the new CZ 457 family is remarkable. The partial integration of the design and some parts with the successful CZ 557 rifle series has been a great move, particularly with respect to the fully adjustable trigger mechanism with exceptional properties.

It is also worth stressing that this series has retained the successful CZ 455 magazines and barrelled action which means that owners of these weapons have an option of an easy and affordable generational modification.

The advantages of the CZ 457 can be divided into three main areas:

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