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GECO 357 Mag 158gr JHP 50 Pack

GECO 357 Mag 158gr JHP 50 Pack


These GECO ® .357 Magnum® rounds are constructed as jacketed hollow points. This bullet feeds incredibly reliably and ensures that your firearm operates reliably. It has a technically simple design and is a favorite for production. This makes it perfect for any shooter engaging in intensive training. The range is calling your name; show the target who’s boss.

  • Great for target shooting and plinking
  • Brass cased, boxer primed
  • Reloadable, non-corrosive
  • Current production

The Hollow Point (HP) bullet is the perfect choice when you require absolute accuracy. A hollow point shifts the center of gravity towards the base of the bullet, which gives these bullets an astonishing edge in accuracy, a virtue on which shooters have relied for many years.


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