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Wolf Creek Quick Draw 6"- 9" Swivel Bipod

Wolf Creek Quick Draw 6"- 9" Swivel Bipod


The Wolf Creek Quick Draw 6"-9" Swivel Bipod is designed for stability and fast deployment when using a rifle. The rubber feet ensure a secure grip on various surfaces, while the legs can be extended from 6" to 9" for customizable height. The swivel stud fitting allows for easy attachment to a rifle, and the leg notches in 1" increments provide precise positioning. In addition, the spring-loaded legs enable quick and smooth deployment, and the bipod swivels to compensate for uneven terrain, enhancing shooting accuracy. The included rail mount adaptor adds versatility, allowing the bipod to be attached to different types of rifles. At just 355g, this bipod is lightweight and portable, making it an essential accessory for any rifle enthusiast.



  • Rubber Feet
  • Extends from 6" to 9"
  • Swivel Stud Fitting
  • Leg Notches in 1" Increments
  • Legs Are Spring Loaded for Fast Deployment
  • Swivels to Compensate for Uneven Terrain
  • Includes Rail Mount Adaptor
  • Weight - 355g
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