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MANURHIN MR73 Sport 357-38 8" Barrel

MANURHIN MR73 Sport 357-38 8" Barrel



The MR73 was, and is still to this day used by the French GIGN Police team as well as other militaries around the world. Every MR73 is match grade accurate, shipped with its own factory test target fired at 25m. Averaging 15 rounds, no group over 20mm diameter with selected ammunition is allowed.
The MR73 is a double action revolver with a range of adjustments. Unique features include the adjustable trigger in both single and double action mode and chamber capable of withstanding twice the maximum pressure of the .357 Magnum round.
Made from ordnance-certified, alloyed steel the high build quality, cold hammered barrel and adjustable roller bearing trigger allow for match grade accuracy.
Built to take 150 rounds a day of full power 357 magnum for 30 years, the MR73 is one of the only pistols ever created in a sniper variant and is an incredibly tough, powerful, good looking handgun.

The Gendarmerie version features a ramp front sight for easy drawing from a holster.


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