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Ridge Back Bowie Knife

Ridge Back Bowie Knife

  • Dimension: 15 inches overall length with a 5.5-inch handle. 9.5 inches in blade length, 2-inch width and 4mm thickness.
  • Tough: Massive clip-point blade knife with a saw-tooth back along the spine made with high quality stainless steel to ensure edge retention and resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Reliable: This tactical knife features an ergonomically shaped wooden handle with finger ridges with stainless steel pommel and cross guard for a smooth comfortable grip and protection when in use
  • Heavy-Duty: This monstrous outdoor knife has a very tactical design with its intimidating saw-back and solid red wood handle this outdoor knife says its ready for action
  • Survival: The ideal blade for any outdoorsman/woman, this tough-as-nails survival knife is equipped for the harshest conditions and has a variety of cutting, sawing, slicing and chopping capabilities
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