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SAKO 90 Bavarian

SAKO 90 Bavarian


222 223 22-250 243 7mm-08 308 270 6.5x55 7mm rem mag 8x57 300wm 338wm 9.3x62


The Sako 90 Bavarian continues the legacy of elegant walnut-stock hunting rifles. The stock geometry pays homage to Central-European tradition of rifle stocks with a hog’s back rear stock shape. This beautiful stock was first designed for high-seat hunting during which the shooting angle can change quickly from level to downwards. The hog’s back rear stock design offers superior ergonomics for such situations. The Bavarian is always equipped with a set trigger to match the need of the most demanding hunters. The Optilock receiver makes sure you have a clear view through open sights, which are often mounted on the Bavarian. The wide selection of compatible calibers broadens the usage of this beautiful rifle for the elegance-oriented hunter.

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