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edge master


Keep your favourite knives ready for chopping at all times using the Edge Master 2 Stage Knife Sharpener. With a simple light push-and-pull action, you can enjoy working with dependable blades and being a kitchen pro at the same time. Be it for restoring a blunt chef’s knife or maintaining a sharp santoku, this dual sharpener has the right sharpening slots for every blade problem. Fine ceramic slot is ideal for honing and edge maintenance on a regular basis. Ergonomic handle ensures hand comfort and safety.

Product Features:
- Ergonomic handle ensures hand comfort and safety.
- Non-slip rubber base keeps the sharpener in place while in use.
- Lightweight and compact design makes it portable and easy to store.
- Includes coarse and fine sharpening slots.
- Restores very dull or damaged knives.
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