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.223cal Leather Ammo Belt

.223cal Leather Ammo Belt


This Australian Made Cartridge Belt has 35 loops to fit .222 and .223 cartridges. It is constructed of top grain hide and its extra long length makes it a 1 size fits all and can be cut if required.


  • Ammo/Cartridge Belt
  • Fits .222 & .223 Cartridges
  • 35 Loops
  • Australian Made
  • Top Grain Hide
  • Extra Long Length (Can be cut if required)


  • Properly caring for your leather belt will extend its life
  • Try not to wear your belt every day, as it will stretch and mould to the shape of you waist
  • Alternating belts will help them retain their original shape


  • Store your leather belt by hanging it from its buckle on a tie or belt rack
  • Folding it in a drawer will cause it to wrinkle
  • If you do need to keep it in a drawer curl it up, starting from the buckle end, and place it in a cloth or paper bag to hold its shape


  • We recommend a dark, well ventilated, cupboard to hang your belt
  • Never hang your belt in the sunlight, as it will fade, dry out and crack
  • Never hang your belt in a damp place, as it might attract mould and mildew
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