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Pro Quip 20L Plastic Diesel Jerry Can

Pro Quip 20L Plastic Diesel Jerry Can



The Pro Quip Fast Pour Plastic Fuel Can (Diesel - 20 Litre) is packed with features that make it Australia’s No.1 Fuel Can. Wholly Australian Made using high-quality HDPE, the strong, durable, yet flexible moulded plastic means that you can rely on this product to withstand all weather conditions. The inclusion of a breather cap on the back of the diesel jerry can ensures smooth, super-fast pouring without glugging, emptying the contents up to 7 times faster than other diesel cans.

Designed with a unique slip-resistant surface for extra grip and a handy lug to hold your stopper when the can is in use, Pro Quip have considered everything. The internally stored pourer ensures that contamination by water, dirt, dust or fibres will not be an issue, protecting your motorised investment, and preventing the need to transport a fuel-coated pourer somewhere in your vehicle.


The 20L capacity fits most Jerry Can Holders and can easily be stored in the back of your 4WD, Ute Tray, in your Boat or on your Trailer. It’s manufactured to comply with current Australian Standards, so you can trust this product to carry sensitive liquids safely.



  • Simple, tough plastic diesel jerry can
  • Australian Made using durable, high-quality HDPE
  • Strong, flexible moulded plastic to withstand the elements
  • Breather cap on the back for pouring that’s 7 times faster than other cans
  • Unique slip-resistant surface for extra grip
  • Handy lug to hold the stopper when the can’s in use
  • Internal pourer stops contamination from dirt, dust or fibres
  • Made to comply with Australian Standards for carrying sensitive liquids


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