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RC #7.5 28GR 1250FP/S

RC #7.5 28GR 1250FP/S


Competition Loads

RC competition range is technologically avant-garde in all shooting disciplines where the regularity of performances is essential.

The victories achieved in the most prestigious national and international competitions make RC brand the most required and used cartridges throughout the world.

RC 2 Competition Line

Gauge 12
Case 70
Head 12
Grams 24 / 28
Lead Temp.
Shot Size 7.5
Pressure (bar)* 520 (24g) / 560 (28G)
V1 (m/sec) = Speed is measured @ 1m from the Barrels 405 (24g) / 404 (28g)
Packing 25 / 250

* Indicative Ballistic Data (full choke)

V1 (m/sec) = Speed is measured at 1 meter from the barrels

All Ballistic Data are carried out in full comformity to C.I.P. regulations

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