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OVERVIEW 22-250 6.5cm 308

Extreme accuracy and recoil control in tough shooting conditions. The Model 70 Long Range MB utilizes a Bell and Carlson™ composite stock that provides a solid feel from the bench without being too heavy to be carried in the field. The fore-end is wider with a flat bottom for excellent stability and is vented to improve barrel cooling. It has a tan finish and the grip is textured for improved grip in adverse conditions. The thick Pachmayr® Decelerator® pad helps take the felt recoil bite out of high-performance magnum cartridges.

Proven features. Like all Model 70s today, the Long Range MB features the Pre'-64 type claw extractor with Controlled Round Feed. The claw extractor locks onto the cartridge rim, making it easy to withdraw the cartridge from the chamber at any point after it leaves the magazine. The claw also aligns the cartridge with the chamber to reduce the chance of damaging the bullet tip. The cartridge feed lips are machined as part of the receiver for improved reliability in feeding.

The classic Three-Position Safety offers both on safe and fire positions, plus a middle position that locks the firing pin yet still allows the bolt to be operated, providing a greater margin of safety when checking the chamber condition or unloading.

Accuracy is paramount. The Long Range MB is equipped with a free-floating fluted barrel with a recessed target crown to protect the rifling. With quality optics, premium ammunition and good shooting conditions, 1 MOA accuracy can be expected — if you're up to it. The fluted barrel provides additional stiffness without adding excessive weight. The caliber line-up is comprised of big game and varmint calibres.

Bell and Carlson quality and construction. Winchester Repeating Arms has teamed with Bell and Carlson on many occasions over the years to outfit our finest specialty rifles. With features like a proprietary molding system that maximizes strength and one of the industry's most acclaimed aluminum bedding block designs (for a total lock from action to stock), you get superb accuracy, ideal balance and strength only possible with non-traditional stock engineering. 

The Extreme Weather does not have a traditional injected type stock. As per specifications developed by Bell and Carlson and Winchester Repeating Arms, the stocks are "constructed using a "hand lay-up" process, using a variety of composite materials. These composites —  including fiberglass, aramid fibers, graphite, epoxy gel coats and laminating resins; and polyurethane reinforcement with milled fiberglass — provide a warm and solid feel rather than the hollow feel one gets from injection molded stocks."  The Extreme Weather stock is reliable over a temperature range of -50 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit for extreme stability under any heat and cold conditions you might encounter around the world: Alaska to Arizona and beyond.


  • RECEIVER – Steel; Matte black finish; Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • BARREL – Free-floating fluted barrel with muzzle break; Recessed target crown; Light varmint contour
  • ACTION – Bolt-action; M.O.A. Trigger System; Three position safety 
  • STOCK – Ultra-stable Bell and Carlson composite stock with aluminum bedding block; Tan black spider web finish
  • FEATURES – Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad
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