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Hunting is about trust: trust in yourself and your equipment. Hunters asked Winchester Australia for a large calibre, high capacity, pump action rifle – the Winchester SXR2 Pump delivers all this in a quality package customisable to the individual’s needs. 

Pump because people want fast, smooth follow-up shots. Magazines in 10 rounds (30-06Sprg) and 9 rounds (308Win) because people see multiple targets. And the three chosen calibres of 308Win, 30-06Sprg and 300Win Mag because that’s what shooters have asked for in Australian conditions. 

The SXR2 delivers more because it captures years of planning, research and development in its design, with matte-finished barrels by FN Herstal mated to a rotating, 7-lug bolt and a spring-assist system that ensures smooth forearm movement and positive lock-up. A bolt stop handle is there to hold the slide open when desired. 

Whether you choose the model with the classic walnut or a composite stock, all are supplied with a set of shims so the stock can be cast left or right, and the drop adjusted to personal preference. The cross-bolt safety can similarly be set to operate left or right. 

The Inflex II recoil pad is designed for comfort, offering options of thicker recoil pads and spacers available to set length of pull to suit the shooter. 

Sighting options include a battue-style, ultra-bright, adjustable fibre optic sight (standard on Field and Composite models), while a picatinny rail is available to fit for scope mounting on all models. Barrels on all models are threaded and capped for the option of a muzzle brake.  

Rugged yet elegant, practical yet stylish – the Winchester SXR2 Pump. 


  • Elegant, stylish, smooth, fast, pump action
  • Walnut stock and forearm
  • Quality FN Herstal-made 53cm barrel
  • High capacity 10-round magazine standard
  • Ultra-bright, adjustable fibre optic sight for confident aim
  • M14x1 threaded barrel cap for muzzle brake
  • Rotary bolt with 7-lug locking system
  • Red dot gun-locking indicator in ejection port
  • Reversible cross-bolt safety
  • Bolt stop handle integrated to hold slide open for transport
  • Ambidextrous stock, adjustable for left- or right-hand users
  • Inflex II recoil pad for more comfort
  • Supplied with 6 stock shims to customise stock cast and drop for the individual
  • Modern design with innovative checkering on stock and forearm for better grip
  • Adjustable length of pull with accessory 7mm spacers and 25/32mm recoil pads
  • Spare 10- and 4-round magazines available
  • Picatinny rail accessory available separately for scope mounting
  • Alloy Receiver
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